Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shaving Cream-One Can, Many Uses

I love shaving cream as an art medium. 

I recently posted about using it with powdered tempera paint.  Check out that post. 

We also spread it out and then drip liquid water color on top of it and let the children blend it together.  Adding tongue depressors or scrapers adds to the experience.  It acts as puffy finger paint.

Another previous post showed making prints after addingliquid watercolor and making designs with toothpicks.  Have a look at that one.

We also like to use it with our foam blocks as “building cement”.

Lining the table with plastic wrap makes for really easy clean up after the experience. 
What do you do with shaving cream?


  1. This is actually a fun calming activity. We had the bathroom close by to wash hands. But a bowl near by so they can dip it in is handy and adds another dimension- floating foam. The room smells great afterwards if you use a scented shaving foam. It’s an inexpensive play activity that teaches them a lot about how materials work.

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