Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Sensory Experience- Herb Playdough

We made a few batches of home made play dough and did not add color to the dough.  Instead I brought in  my over grown herb garden boxes and the children snipped pieces of herbs to add to the play dough.  

As the herbs were cut and ripped their scents were released.  As the children touched the branches and leaves they felt the various textures of the different herbs.  As they kneaded them in to the play dough it became a multi sensory experience watching the dough change color, smell different and have various textures throughout their piece.  

Some experimented with large sections of the herbs so that the play dough was barely visible.  


Other spent time carefully cutting very small pieces and selectively placing them inside their dough.

This was not only a sensory experience for the ended up leading us into our first project of the year this year...on gardens.  As we discussed my herb gardens the children began talking of their own gardens.  This led us to visit one of the children's gardens....and our project of creating a school garden has begun.  But that is for a different post.

We spent a week with the herbs and play dough and then added the dough to our outdoor mud kitchen where the children used it to make muffins and cakes.

Have some fresh herbs in your garden?  If not, you could purchase them from the grocery store.  It could spur other interests and wonderings.  


  1. I really admire your work, especially the simplicity and clarity of the experiences. I hope that it can be seen by parents and policymakers so that more children have the chance to spend their time this way.

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