Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Powdered Tempera Challenge

We have a lot of powdered tempera at our school.  I have two activities that I do with it.  I would really like some more ideas of how to use this material.

One of the ways I use this material is to paint with the rain.  We sprinkle the powdered paint onto paper which is on trays and then place the trays outside for a few minutes on a rainy day.  The rain water "paints" the paper.

The other is to put the powdered tempera in large shaker bottles-spices from Costco work really well.  We line the table with plastic wrap, cover it with shaving cream and put out the shakers.  The children shake on the colored paint and mix it into the shaving cream for a full sensory art experience.

What do you do with tempera paint powder?  Share it here.

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  1. Something that I like to do with powered paint _ though the stuff I have is edicol not tempura but it may work is to have the children sprinkle the powered paint onto the paper and then with a trigger spray bottle filled with water they can spray at the powder and see the paint emerge and then blend with other colours. Its a good one to do outside