Monday, January 13, 2014

Today I Played With Dinosaurs

I was shocked back in to the reality of how much I had been neglecting my blog today when someone told me they heard from another that I no longer had a blog!  I'm here... busy teaching an active class of inquisitive four year olds, co-directing our school, presenting workshops...and oh yes, mothering three teenagers-one of whom has been applying to colleges. Then the list of blog posts that I want to write gets longer and longer...until it seems overwhelming.  But this comment and the simple and yet, profound experience that I had today, has brought me back.  I hope to be catching up on writing about our last project on the Fire Station and the beginning of our next which is just starting, as well as the fun, playful, good stuff we have been doing in between.  

Short and sweet to get back in the swing of I played with dinosaurs.  I had put out dinosaurs along with leaves, vines, tree blocks and river rocks as embellishments in our block area this week.  I have a few students who are challenged with sustaining productive play unassisted and often end up banging toys together, kicking over structures or turning everything in to something that is shooting.  Excited to play with the dinosaurs they started their playtime in that area.  It only took a short while before the dinosaurs were flying around the rug, shooting.  I observed this for a few minutes somewhat close to them.  Then I went over and sat on the carpet near the materials.  I started my engagement with them by merely sitting close to where they were standing.