Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Boom! Art-a must try

What can you do with knee high stockings, playground sand and paint?  

Boom Art!

Fill several knee high stockings with sand pushing each one down to the bottom to make a round ball the size of a softball. Get a box large enough to hold the paper on which you want the children to paint.  (It helps keep the splatters inside).  Put the paper in the box, dip the filled stocking into a tray of paint and drop it from a distance down onto the paper....BOOM!

We let the children stand on chairs or when outside, the picnic table to give more height to the BOOM!.


Give it a try, its so much fun!!


  1. Oh I love it - I am always looking for new & exciting ways to paint & this one looks like so much fun. I did 'splat painting' with my class with balloons kind of thrown into boxes like this but love the idea of sand & tights - thanks so much for this one.

  2. love it, we're going to do this next week in our Preschool in Australia :) Actually now that I'm taking a look at your blog we are going to do a LOT from your page, so inspiring!!

  3. This is so cool !! looks like were going to try this one .