Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shaving Cream Art

My creative colleague, Clara Cohen, shared a really cool art experience that we are playing with this week.

Spray a tray with shaving cream.
Have children flatten it with scrapers.

The children drop droplets of liquid watercolor onto the shaving cream.

Once they have all the color they want,  the children swirl the shaving cream using a toothpick.

Then take a piece of paper with the child's name already written on it (we had them write names first before getting their hands full of shaving cream) and lay it on top of the shaving cream.

Gently pull it off and scrape the shaving cream off with a tongue depressor.

The color stays!  It is a vibrant, colorful painting that is beautifully interesting.

Most importantly, the process is  fun each step of the way!

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