Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Second Best Teacher Gift

I recently posted about the best teacher gift, but I also received another really unique and special present.

A parent in my class made this as a gift from the entire class.

She collected answers from the children to questions she asked them such as

What do you like best about (your school name)?
What do you like best about being (age)?
Why does (teacher's name) love you?
Why is (teacher's name)  a good teacher?
What is play?
What is your favorite thing to do at school? why?
What will you miss most about (your school name)?

She typed the quotes onto velum paper and made a small book the size of a dollar bill.  The pages consisted of the velum quotes, fancy scrap book paper, and real crisp new dollar bills.

The title is
100 Reasons We Love You and Will Miss (School Name)
(and yep! there are 100 dollar bills inside it)

Then she took it to Kinkos and had a binding put on the side so it is like a notepad.  

So it has many features, I can use the papers for notes, treasure the quotes and have fun with the cash.  
I love it!!  

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