Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spray Bottle/Marker Science Experiment

I was just ordering some Texas snowflakes for summer camp and realized that I never posted the science experiment that we did with them this past year.

We placed the largest of the coffee filters known as Texassnowflakes in the Discount School Supply catalog on the easel along with sharpies and watercolor black markers.  We also put out spray bottles with liquid watercolor paint in them-also available from Discount. 

The children drew with the different markers and then sprayed the filters.  They were able to see what happened to the different markers.  The permanent marker remained while the washable marker faded away. 

Some children simply observed this, others commented on it and a few set up purposeful experiments to try and recreate what they observed.  We were able to talk to them while they explored, helping them articulate their hypothesis and sharing in the excitement of the results as they tried out their ideas.  

The children made so many of these, that we saved several thinking we could make snowflakes when it finally snowed...it never did, so check out what we made with them by reading my Crazy Hat post.  

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