Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thank you for letting us get dirty, mom and dad!

A huge thank you to the parents of my students for all the laundry they happily do!

They truly understand that “a dirty kid is a happy kid!”

They may smirk when they say, “oh, I am so glad that I have to wash these mittens again this week!” because they are covered in liquid watercolor from painting the snow or mud from cooking in our outdoor kitchen. 

However, they do know the value of the play that their children are engaged in while getting dirty. 
They never send their children to school in clothes that cannot get covered in glue, paint, mud, sand, glitter, playdough and other sticky concoctions.
It is so important that we allow children the gift of deeply exploring materials; and this may mean with full hands, or arms or even feet. 

Teachers, if you are not getting the same positive response you may need to take time to explain to your parents exactly what is being learned in experiences like these and actually talk about the type of clothes children should be wearing to your program.

I even have some parents who, in the Spring especially, arrive at pick up time with a change of clothes because they have learned that their children will be too dirty or wet to get in to their clean cars.

So, thank you, parents, for understanding the importance of getting dirty!

Playfully Yours,

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  1. Great post-as a sensory integration therapist- I totally support the importance of getting messy! My clients used to say-"here comes Jill-here comes a mess!"