Thursday, January 27, 2011

If you are lucky enough to have your child engaged in art-you will run out of room!

Just read an article in the New York Times about parents being upset with the amount of artwork that they have to deal with from their children.  I find this a very sad state of affairs and am so grateful anytime a self created piece of work comes home from my children now that they are in elementary, middle and high school.

In the comment section, there was a great suggestion for storing artwork.  Find it on the ohdeedoh website.

I do not save everything my children create.  I do save pieces that they are particularly proud of, or that show a developmental milestone.  I try and involve them in the process of choosing.  I also take photographs of their projects if they are particularly meaningful.  This works well with dioramas and clay pieces.   The other way we deal with this issue, or I should sadly say, dealt with, is to give them to relatives.  We turn them into presents, cards and gift wrap when possible.

And remember, the biggest focus should always be on the process.  "Did you enjoy making that?"  "Tell me how you made that?" "What made you think of that?"

As I look at my kitchen bulletin board full of tests and essays, I am longing to have this problem back.

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