Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snowball Bullseye

Children love to throw snow.  That can become a problem, especially when the little spheres of white are actually hard as ice (as they are on our playground right now).  

One of things I always try to think about is..."how can I say YES to this?" 

So, in order to say, yes! to snowball throwing, I made a bullseye on each of our chalkboard shed doors.  That way many children can throw snowballs.  They have incentive to throw it at a target rather than each other.  

And..if a snowball does get thrown at a child, it is easy to redirect, "Oops, that's not where we throw snowballs, go throw it at the bullseye!"
Both children usually happily head off to target practice.   

Young children hear, "no!" or "don't!" so often.  Think about what your students and children are doing or want to do...and find a way to safely say, "yes!"


  1. Love this idea. It's great to see you provide a fun alternative to a typically banned recess activity. At Playworks, we teach tag, dodgeball and other games in a way that schools find fun, safe and manageable. Snowball fights may not be allowed at school, but there's no reason children can't still enjoy the snowballs!

  2. It takes great skill to aim and throw. Let alone, understand the concept! lol :)

    I'm featuring this in a huge roundup of ways to get kids moving on Friday!!!!

    Come by on Friday and check out all the other features -- I'm pretty excited about this round up of energy busters!

    Jamie @ hands on : as we grow