Friday, November 26, 2010

Turtle Tank Frustration

I love animals and believe they are a great addition to any classroom.  Children learn responsibility while they care for them and greatly enjoy watching them interact in their environments. 

However, on Wednesday, as I was the last one in the building before the holiday exodus, cleaning the turtle tank once again, I was feeling quite frustrated. 

Tuck and Tim, our turtles, are quite interesting to watch.  They come to the edge of the tank when it is feeding time, and the children adore watching them swim around the tank. 

The one thing about a turtle tank, though, is it is hard to ignore when the filters need to be cleaned and the water needs to be changed-the smell is quite foul.  So, for the sake of my fellow co-workers and my own aromatic enjoyment, I find myself elbow deep in putrid water more than I would like.

How about you?  Commiserate with me and share your classroom pet stories.  

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