Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Creativity Crisis

I posted an article in our online newspaper today on the creativity crisis we are facing in America.

Early Education teachers who are working hard to develop thought provoking learning centers and engaging opportunities for children to think, question and create are providing children with a strong foundation to exist in this competitive world.

Our work is critical.

I want to thank all of the educators, directors, principals and policy makers who are working to promote the importance of early learning and appropriateness of play!

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  1. Thank you.
    I read your article at the Daily Norwalk. I am a preschool teacher myself, and my colleagues and I struggle everyday with parents who have already picked out colleges for their 2 year olds, and do not want to hear things such as your child is learning while playing. Their adult minds cannot comprehend that a child can possible learn while having fun. Yet that is the exact point in time when they learn the most. I try explaining to parents to think back when they were in school, and do they remember when their teachers would play memory games with the class to help prepare for a test, and how it actually works. That while your having fun your brain is more likely to absorb facts, and knowledge. But when it comes to their preschoolers they forget these points. Thank you for writing and keep up your work. It is so important to educate these parents so that highly skilled and enthusiastic teachers can fully engage their children in learning.