Thursday, November 11, 2010

Group Fingerpainting

My class had been turning every paint experience that we put out into finger painting....even full arm painting.

Obviously, this was the experience they were craving, so we knew we needed to provide this.

Discount School Supply sells finger paint mural paper.
We covered the table with this paper, put blobs of paint on the paper and let the children work cooperatively.

They painted until the paper began to give way, and then we would replace it.
Some would draw pictures in the paint and then erase and start again.
Some wrote their names and experimented with letters.
At times, they would make a train and walk around the table while each had a hand on the surface sliding through the paint.

This is such a process oriented experience that the product becomes absolutely irrelevant.

This was available everyday for a week, and was always full of children.

One of the most poignant moments was when that young boy I had written about previously with the aversion to sticky, messy art, fingerpainted!!

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