Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Many Uses of Bubble Wrap

I always love when I can get creative with recyclable materials and use them for art experiences.  In preparation for Bubble Week at camp, I had been saving all the different kinds of bubble wrap that I received in various packages.

I had little mitt shaped bubble wrap that candles had been shipped in.  These made great "gloves" that we used to print with on the easel.

We also made bubble wrap prints.  We placed pieces of bubble wrap on trays.

 The children used foam brushes to brush the wrap with tempera paint

 and then laid a piece of paper over the top and smoothed over it with their hands to make the print.

This would take most of the paint off of the wrap leaving it a fairly clean slate for the next child to paint.  It was interesting to compare the different kinds of bubble wrap that we collected.

When we were finished with the activity we simply rinsed off the bubble wrap and saved it for our next activity....

Bubble wrap dancing.
On the last day, we laid out all the bubble wrap on the floor, put on some good rockin' music and had a stomping good time popping all the bubble wrap.  It is amazing that one never grows too old to pop bubble wrap.  From the twos to the teens to the teachers, we all had fun with this one!

So go ahead and do some on line shopping, so you can receive some cool and useful bubble wrap ;-)

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