Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fly Swatter Bubble Wands

We found these huge fly swatters at the dollar store locally.  They make terrific bubble wands with lots of tiny bubbles being created.  They are so much fun to wave around.

They can be found on line on amazon...they are called Texas Fly Swatters , but we only paid a dollar for each one at the dollar store.

                               ( I love this full body movement bubble blowing!)

The other items we put out for the children to explore bubble blowing with were strawberry baskets, paper towel tubes, string, straws, key chains-basically anything that was fully closed in diameter but had a hole in which to blow air.  It is wonderful to see the children experimenting with the different materials, using trial and error and then retesting their findings before excitedly sharing what they discovered with others.

With what can you and your children blow a bubble...make it a challenge!

These fly swatters will be great to paint with as well.  We will be trying that soon, too.  

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