Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Inspiration from Preschool

Right about the time that I was trying the melted crayon art in class with my four year olds, my daughter who was a sophomore in high school decided to try it for one of her projects in art class.

She put her own unique twist on it layering the crayons over a painting that she had made and then embellished with cardboard pieces.  She also left the paper on the crayons to help them keep their form.  She had a blast making it and wants to experiment this summer with an entire box of 64 crayons on one piece.


I am thrilled that at 16 she has not lost her passion for exploring materials in interesting ways.  Her piece was recently featured in the art show at the high school, so yep, I'm going to use my blog to brag about my daughter;-)

However, I will also point out, that she is an alum of the amazing, creative nursery school where I now have the pleasure of working.  Her teacher at the time, Suzanna, instilled a love of exploring art that she has carried with her ever since.  I recently found her blog Paperoranges.  Its full of beautiful things.  Have a look.  

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  1. Her art work is great! this is an awesome idea! I’ve made melted crayon crayons! As in, melting crayons to make new crayons in different shapes and colors. But this is a neat idea, I might just try this for a gift to someone! I think some cool colors would be some yellows, reds, pinks, and oranges. Or yellows and grays