Monday, February 11, 2013

Making French Toast With Two Year Olds

The two's class at CCNS made delicious French Toast last week.  I love how our two's teacher, Lini, really looks for cooking activities that allow very young children to have as much of an active role in the process as possible.  She thinks through the various things that could go wrong with a particular recipe and comes up with creative solutions to allow two year olds to be successful. Here she is sharing her experience...

I am always looking for cooking activities to do with my 2 year olds that allows for a hands on role. Last week we had fun making and eating French toast

We used a baguette which made small manageable slices that would not fall apart when soaked.

I helped them to crack the eggs and pour the milk. 

They whisked the mixture, poured it, dipped bread slices, using tongs to flip the bread and transfer it to a plate. 

An adult did the actual frying in an electric skillet. 

We served it at snack time on a napkin with just a sprinkle of confectioners sugar. 
Almost all the children ate it.
French toast is a very forgiving recipe as the amounts are not so critical. We used cinnamon and nutmeg, vanilla is also nice. 

Afterwards I put the bowls, whisks and a flat pan in the dramatic play area to allow them to reenact the activity on their own.

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