Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A New Perspective-Under Table Drawing

To give a new perspective to drawing in class, we taped a large piece of rolled paper onto the underside of the table.  We placed pillows under the table and buckets of different writing materials each day; markers, silkies, rainbow crayons.

The children used big arm movements to draw.  It was a collaborative effort as they laid down in groups often having to figure out how to fit in to the rather small space. We are always encouraging problem solving!! They paper was there all week and they were able to go under and draw anytime during our activity time.  

One boy took one of the mirrors we had out for a block building activity and used it under the table to look at the drawing and then to look at others around him. He then taught his friends how to do this.  

Give this under the table drawing a try.  We may be fostering the next Michelangelo!

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