Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Real Life Investigating-The Grocery Store

We went on a great field trip a couple of weeks ago.  We have been studying the topic of the grocery store and creating our own, so we wanted to go to a store with a critical eye and see if some of the things we predicted would indeed be found.  We live near a Stew Leonard's which is basically the Disneyland of grocery stores.

Before going, I created a scavenger hunt form with items that the children thought they would see.  The most interesting item was "people with dogs".  Each chaperone held a clipboard with the scavenger hunt sheet and reminded the children of what they were looking for as we walked around.

We had a great tour guide, Dori, who explained each area to the children as well as what happened behind the scenes.  We were also able to taste our way through the store.  The children had chocolate chip cookies, fresh baked donuts, rice cakes, pomegranate juice, cheese,  and the grand finale of ice cream!

For those with students with allergies, I did contact the parents of the children with allergies ahead of time about the ice cream and had back up snacks available.  A few of the tasting items were a surprise and I did have to call the parents that were not with us. This is a good point to remember.

The children had a wonderful time, and were able to see in action many of the things we were re-enacting in our dramatic play center including restocking the shelves!

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