Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Case of the Escaped Gingerbread Man-a holiday mystery!

Today was such fun! The holiday tradition that I share with my class is my collection of Gingerbread stories. We have been reading them for a little over a week now. On Friday we made gingerbread dough, yesterday we made individual gingerbread cookies, and today we made a giant Gingerbread Man.

We rolled out the dough, cut out one large cookie and then each child added some candy.

We popped him in the oven.

                                          And guess what?!

Sure enough, just like the stories we have been reading, he jumped out of the oven and ran away. He left us rhyming clues at every one of his stops.

First he went to the classroom next door. There we found his note in a bookshelf.

He sent us down to the two year old’s classroom. The teacher there found a note in her cabinet.

Our Gingerbread man is pretty worldly as his next stop was to the office to surf the net.

We found what he was looking at on the internet: turtles. So we knew our clue would direct us back upstairs to our turtle tank.

We were too late as he had decided to go outside.

A quick jaunt outside found our last clue. He was cold and going in to get mittens.

Back inside as quietly as can be and…… FOUND HIM!! In the corner, trying on some of Jack’s mittens

We lovingly scooped him up and then with great fan fare we ate him while reading Gingerbread Friends, our last gingerbread story until someone finds a new version for me.

At pickup time, all of the children were delighted to share the details of their day with their parents. Many of them asked me if we could make another one tomorrow-only tomorrow they want her to be a girl.

Check out these yummy versions of this delicious story

The Gingerbread Girl- Lisa Campbell Ernst

Gingerbread Cowboy-Janet Squires

The Gingerbread Pirates-Kristin Kladstrup
Gingerbread Baby-Jan Brett

Gingerbread Friends-Jan Brett

Reading and rhyming are playfully delicious!

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