Thursday, October 7, 2010

10 Minutes till Bedtime!

I just love this book by Peggy Rathmann

Every time I read it I see something new and so does every child who reads it!

It just brings joy to the reader. 

It also makes children feel like readers as they can remember the simple repetitive text, start to recognize the numbers on the pages and just LOVE to raise their voices as they begin to learn that larger print means the character is yelling!!!

These boys realized that we had more than one copy in our classroom, so they have been finding the copies and each other and reading them together in unison, helping each other if someone seems to be on the wrong page. 

They are having a joyful moment with books.

 I am watching their concepts of print-constantly assessing what they know and thinking about what I can offer them.  Their job is to learn through play, but mine is to continually monitor the environment and make it challenging and engaging.

But while I am doing that, I am laughing and smiling at those adorable hamsters!!

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