Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Move Over Ugly Dolls!

The class wanted to learn how to sew, so..... we did.  

We started learning stitches with plastic needles, yarn and squares of burlap.  

The following week, we moved onto sewing with real metal needles, thread and fleece.

The children chose a shape from tagboard, traced it onto the color of felt of their choice and an adult cut it out for them. 

Then the children sewed all around the shape.  It is a great activity for spatial awareness as we used a lot of directions such as over, under, up, down, in, out, around.  When it was just about sewn, we turned it inside out, and stuffed it with pollyfill.
Then the children sewed it shut and the embellishment process began. 
The children sewed on buttons, or cut up and sewed on their felted wool from the previous week.  Some of them also chose to draw on the creatures with permanent markers.  

The children worked so hard and diligently and absolutely creatively!  The finished creatures are so adorable and unique, they absolutely rival those Ugly Dolls that sell in the stores for $20 a piece! 

Granny would be so proud!


  1. I think it's an awesome project!
    So did they sew them all alone?

  2. An adult was present whenever the children were sewing to assist as much or as little as needed. Some needed to be shown what to do and took off, others needed constant assistance. It was a project that was definitely tailored to the various needs of each learner.