Monday, December 17, 2012

Professional Development

I recently received an email after a presentation on emergent curriculum that I presented at Norwalk Community College sponsored by FCAEYC.  

Thanks again for a great workshop at NCC! I was blown away all you're doing in your class with emergent curriculum.
I left inspired to continue learning and trying more with emergent topics/ long term projects!

A whole new world in the classroom is opening and I'm diving in! I see a complete expansion in my students learning in what we've done so far. They're taking greater risks, making incredible connections and discoveries and really embracing the process as our learning adventures widen. To follow their lead/interest gives them such a greater sense of pride and enthusiasm. 

She then went on to share photos and excerpts about the discovery process in which her current class is involved.  
It is always exciting to hear about teachers that have been teaching for awhile so willing to learn new things and take risks in order to provide the most engaging and developmentally appropriate environment for their students.  If you or your staff would like to learn more about emergent curriculum and using The Project Approach in your classroom or other educational topics please email me directly to discuss professional development opportunities.

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