Thursday, November 22, 2012

Straw Painting

Our morning message said we would "paint with air this week".  That led to a discussion of how we could do this.  One of the children actually said, "we could use a straw to blow it!"  

To do this we put slightly watered down tempera paint in cups with pipettes (eye droppers).
The children put a piece of paper on a small try and wrote their names.

Then they dripped several dots of paint onto the paper. 

 They took a straw and blew the paint around the paper.

They explored how changing the angle or the force changed the paint.

Some experimented with moving the tray in various positions or...

with moving their bodies.

I always love when science and art combine so beautifully.  Have lots of paper on hand as the children wanted to do this one again and again and again!!

Note: we did make sure each child threw out his/her straw when finished so we were not sharing straws.

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