Sunday, October 21, 2012

CAEYC Conference

This clip is from my art workshop.  After the presentation, we spent the rest of the time hands on exploring the activities.  This was the last session of the day and it was great to see the enthusiasm and energy level as this group played with the materials. 

I had a wonderful time presenting at the CAEYC conference this weekend.  I presented two workshops; The Process Of Becoming An Emergent Curriculum Teacher and Artistic Explorations.  Thank you to all the teachers and directors that attended my workshops and took the time to fill out the evaluations.  I learn so much each time I present from the thoughtful questions and the sharing of experiences from the attendees.

Based on the evaluations, I am excited for the children in your programs:
"I can't wait to try this in my class"
"I feel that I can give this a try now"
"I learned refreshing ideas on how to keep my classroom interesting for children AND teachers"
"This impacted me as a teacher and I will bring this into my classroom"
"I want to try this!"

One person wrote, "I think the presenter is very open to support through facebook and her blog sharing"
I am!  I would love to hear from you via blog comments or you can email me directly at

A few people wrote comments such as this one, "I would love for you to come to my site and show this to the rest of my staff"
Please email me directly and we will discuss this further.

Some people left their emails and asked specific questions.  I will be getting back to you shortly.

A special thank you to my colleague, Lini, for helping me turn a hotel room into a classroom full of messy art activities...not an easy task.  I am happy to say the walls were clean when we left ;-)

It is invigorating to be around other educators so full of passion for what they do. Let me know how it goes as you give the things you learned a try.  Remember...I am right here to support you.  

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