Friday, September 7, 2012

The Beginning

I love this time of year.  My staff and I have spent the last week or so setting up our classrooms and getting the school ready for the start on Monday.

We are a cooperative preschool, so the parents have been part of this process helping to wash furniture and toys, unpack boxes, put toys away and weed play yards.  It is a nice time to chat with parents about the summer, and their children's excitement or anxiety about school.  It quite a community building time.

I love the creativity that is seen as teachers reinvent their rooms once again, trying new furniture arrangements and adding new features that they've learned in a workshop, or seen while visiting another classroom or dreamt up in the shower while going over memories of something that didn't work as well as they wanted it to last year.  Each classroom in our school looks different than it did last year at this time.

It is a time of expectation as we imagine where the children's interests and discoveries will take us.

I have enjoyed seeing so many of the pictures teachers are posting of their classrooms.
I encourage you to add a link to your websites here so more of us can take a virtual walk into the world of wonder that you have so carefully set up.

I hope you have enjoyed your little visit into mine...its not finished...but it ever?

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