Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sticky Paper Collage

We have these terrific rolls of really large clear tape that we bought from Bev Bos’ company Turn the Page Press.  We bought the last few rolls they had at the time.

We put the tape on the table with the sticky side facing up and tape it down with masking tape. 
Baskets of tissue paper strips were put along the edge of the tape for the children to layer.

They worked together overlapping the strips.  When two colors meshed, a new color formed. 
Some made patterns and straight lines; others crisscrossed and weaved while learning about the cause and effect of the sticky surface.

They were also learning to work around each other while adding to the same surface. 

Of course, the process was the important part of this experience, but they do look beautiful when the sun shines through them.