Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Leaf Printing with the Twos

My guest blogger, Lini, is back sharing another wonderful activity.

This week my 2s class made leaf prints, a project I have done before but with a few tweaks it was more interesting and the results more impressive than in the past.
I set out large leaves and tempera for painting. 
I encouraged the children to paint both sides of the leaf (we used paper plates to paint on).

I helped children transfer the leaf by the stem onto a folded paper closing the leaf in between.

 Using their hands, children rubbed the paper with the leaf inside, then opened it to see the fabulous print it made.

Some children wanted to leave the painted leaf stuck on the on the paper, others chose to pull it off. 

Some added glitter to finish it off.

I know it is all about the process, but it doesn't hurt that they came out stunningly beautiful!
I love them on the bulletin board, but they would also be lovely to laminate for holiday placemats. 

This morning I got a fabulous email with photo from the parent who worked in my classroom on Friday who had already done the activity with her older daughters in the morning!

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