Monday, September 19, 2011

Tie Dye Playdough

Every year we make playdough during the first week of school.  It is a simple first cooking project, has such wonderful sensory components to it, isn't affected by food allergies and we don't buy playdough so...
we NEED to make it.

As Bev Bos has said, children need lots and lots and lots of materials!  So we make a ton of playdough, at least a batch or two a day for several days.  In the past, we have made it one color.  It is pretty impressive to see the HUGE mound of playdough on the table from which children take chunks for their play.

This time we made four different colors.  The playdough was placed in large clumps on the table along with a few tools.

At first the children played with individual colors separately.  Then one child started adding bits and pieces of other colors and the exploration took off from there.  Soon we had tie dyed playdough.

 A few children noticed that they could layer the playdough colors and make a rainbow piece of playdough.

Then they discovered what happened when they rolled their cut up layers...

The children greatly enjoyed these experiments with the color mixing also noticing when they created purple playdough from the red and the blue blending together and so on.  

And of course, the possibilities for creativity were endless...

If you are ever in my area with a spare $10,000, you could buy one of these delicious fruity popsicles.  (I was able to bargain mine down to $20)  Entrepreneurs!!

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  1. your playdough looks delicious! has anyone found a gluten free recipe that doesn't crumble? I know the kids are not supposed to eat the playdough, but pediatricians express concerns for kids with celiac and severe allergy getting the dough under their fingernails and then eating lunch. We've had to take it out of our 3 year old room until we can find a solution.