Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cool Off with Car Wash Play

A wonderful outdoor activity for these hot summer days is to have a car wash or bike wash.

Fill big bins with soapy water and add large sponges.

The children love dunking the sponges in and carrying them to the vehicle of their choice to scrub.

Some even get very thorough turning the cars and bikes on their sides to get underneath-this can even lead to some interesting discoveries of insects….but that is another post.

Then have buckets for rinsing the cars.

We used a small sprinkler and smaller buckets for rinsing. The children got cooled off in the sprinkler while waiting for their rinse buckets to fill. They can even ride through the rinsing station on the soapy bike or car.

It’s even more fun if you play some cool music outside as well!

And the added bonus is that all of your bikes, trikes and cars will be nice and clean.

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  1. This is a great idea!! Back in the day when I taught preschool, in the summers we had "water day" three times a week, weather permitting, and this was a very popular variation. Thanks for bringing back some great memories!! P.S. I love the idea of adding music - that's something we didn't think of back then...would be a wonderful way to introduce another generation to Beach Boys music! :-)
    Thanks, Dana!