Sunday, May 1, 2011

How To Spittle Like A Bug

We have been talking about how different insects protect themselves; some use camouflage; some taste bad; some look really scary; some stay in large groups, etc. 

The spittle bug uses a clever way of hiding by covering his body with bubbles.  After talking about this and looking at lots of pictures of spittle bugs, we were able to giving it a try by creating our own spittle bug bubble toy.

1.       Take an empty water or seltzer bottle and cut off the bottom.
2.       Discard the bottle cap (of course by discard  I mean put it in your art center)
3.       Cover the bottom with a piece of towel or washcloth held on by a large rubber band
4.       .Dip the bottom in bubble solution-we used Dawn dish liquid and water
5.       Blow out-talking about blowing out is key-had few children who inhaled and got a mouth full of soapy water.

The children each held a plastic insect and tried to “hide” it in the bubble “spittle”. This was great fun.  Now they are all on the look out for the clues that spittle bugs are hiding in their gardens.

This was such fun that I had to  bring it home for my own kids.  My seventh grader loved it.

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  1. Dana - I love how you used this bubble maker in conjunction with bugs! We made these a while back and the children really love to make bubbles (no matter how they are made...) I'll have to remember this connection when we study bugs!