Monday, April 11, 2011

Our attempt at Tall Paintings

I was so inspired by the art experience shared on Teacher Tom's Blog that I had to try it with my class this week.

The children loved it!  The process was so much fun and watching the paint mix and having the painting "paint" itself as it moved was really cool.

Fair warning, it takes a lot of paint and glue!  Once they start pouring, they want to keep pouring.  I was hopping to keep up with the refilling process.  I have to rethink this for next time. I need a way to have a lot of paint/glue mixture prepared ahead of time and then be able to get it into the cups small enough for them to handle.

The other part I hadn't really thought through enough was the drying situation.  We had many drips and drops and downpours to be honest, trying to get these enormous paintings to a flat place to dry.  On Wednesday we'll be trying it again on large trays to try and catch some of the paint as it expands.

We are all looking forward to seeing how they look tomorrow as we noticed how they kept changing.  But, even more than that, they are looking forward to doing it again!

Thank you Teacher Tom!!

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  1. I've been pondering this, too. Thanks for sharing your experiences. We're going to try it in the weeks ahead.