Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh, Lovely Mud!

We’re still wearing our snow pants outside to play even though the last morsel of snow has disappeared.  It is still pretty cold outside, but the reason  waterproof pants are really needed is due to the lovely mud!

The first day it warmed up enough for the ground to thaw, the children were absolutely enthralled.  The entire class spent our extended outside time digging in the mud.  They brought many of the outdoor kitchen items across the play ground to where the mud was especially gooey.  They made “sand castles”, roadways and rivers. 

They found all the crevices where water was hiding-inside tires, baby strollers, wheelbarrows-and horded it to mix with their creations.  Gloves and mittens were tossed aside as they had to feel the dirt and mud in their bare hands. 

The pure joy they were experiencing as they played in the mud was quite infectious. And, they were learning a great deal through their play at the same time; about various consistencies, team work, cooperation, cause and effect, negotiation, balance and so much more.

And, a special note of thanks, once again, to the parents of my class, who pretty much have to undress their kids before they can get into their cars…
I appreciate that when you pick up your child, I hear you say, ‘Oh, looks like you’ve had fun!” rather than chastising them for getting dirty-very, very dirty.
I always say, “A dirty kid is a happy kid.” 
The mud is sure making us very dirty and very happy!

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  1. YEAH MUD! It looks like they are having a great time. I see this in our future in a month or so! We still had snow flurries today. I'm very much looking forward to the mud!