Friday, February 11, 2011

A letter to my class

Dear boys and girls, my naturalists,

Today after you left, I was working in the classroom setting up for next week when I noticed so much commotion on the window sill and outside the door. 

The food that you put out today was certainly noticed by our furry friends.  I captured them in action with my camera.  Now you can see that your predictions of who made those prints near the fence were correct.  There must have been seven squirrels out there today.

 And remember the woodpecker we heard outside?  He came to our window to feast along with a cardinal.  I even saw my favorite, the tufted titmouse!  The cardinal was very nasty and did not like the other birds near her.  Isn’t it curious that the sparrows and chickadees come when we are all in the room and the cardinal and woodpecker wait until the room is empty?

Did you tell your parents about the deer we saw today?  Did you tell them about how he was slipping on the ice because he only had three feet?

Oh, how I wish you had been with me this afternoon to see the rest of the animals. I just couldn't wait until Monday to share this excitement with you.  

We are very lucky to be surrounded by so much wildlife right outside the door of our little red school house. 
I am so proud of the observant naturalists you have all become.  I am excited to uncover our impressions this week and to see what else we can discover about the animals around our playground. 

Have fun playing this weekend.  See you next week.  JDana

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