Thursday, June 3, 2010

Boom Art!

This post is dedicated to a great teacher at my school, Clara, as she is famous for this activity!  She does is with three year olds.  It takes more supervision but they love it.  I did it with the fours and they were able to be pretty independent-quite creatively in fact!
Plan on getting splattered with paint!  It is a wonderful outdoor activity, but can be done inside.

You'll need:
a large box
a pair of stockings or nylons
tempera paint
large paper
bowls for the paint
A chair

1.Cut the top off the nylons so you have the long legs portions.
2.Fill the feet with sand and tie them off so you have the tops to hold.  The bottom forms a tear drop shape(this is the boom).
3.Fill the bowls with paint
4. Put a piece of paper in the box.
5. A child stands on a chair above the box, dips the "boom" in the paint holding the stocking handle and then drops it into the box.  The "boom" should splatter the paint and of course, making a "boom" noise causing a great deal of excitement!
6. Continue with other booms and colors until the child is happy with his boom art!

The booms can be rinsed and saved for several days use.
As can be seen by the photos, my class experimented with multiple boom dropping.
And remember....
A dirty kid is a happy kid!!!
Have fun!

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  1. I do something similar with my 4's classes every year. Instead of sand we use popcorn or the corn that we picked off corn cobs. These make beautiful, frameable paintings.