Monday, September 14, 2015

Name Tag Mailboxes-A Simple Way to Encourage Writing in Preschool

With limited wall space in my classroom, I was looking for a creative way to allow each student to have a mailbox without taking up a bulletin board area.

To solve this problem these cubby label mailboxes were invented.

Simply take a business size envelope, decorate it how you would like and then laminate the entire envelope closed.  After it is laminated cut about 1/4 inch along the top of the envelope allowing it to open.  Then punch a hole through the front side and attach the arrow with a brad.  The arrows had also been laminated and cut out.

This allows the arrow to be down if the mailbox is empty and turned up when it is full.

The children enjoy writing each other notes and giving and receiving mail throughout the year.  We discuss how it is important to write your own name as well as the person you are sending it to, so that person will know who to write back to after receiving mail.  

It is exciting for them to look across the room as they are playing and see their flag up.  "I have mail!" can be heard happily expressed as the children rush over to open their messages.

Having the mailboxes double as their cubby labels saves a lot of space and allows the mailboxes to be in a more central location in the classroom rather than a corner or area they may not frequent as often. The teachers and the working parent also have a mailbox...and we always respond to mail.  

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