Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Sketching In Our Outdoor Classroom

The children had been noticing the various blooming flowers on our playground as Spring finally started to emerge.  First the crocuses bloomed followed by the buds of our daffodils and tulips.

After talking about leaving them in the ground so we could enjoy them each day rather than picking them, the children became more protective of them and would check on their progress.

We brought out clipboards, white paper and colored pencils to the playground each day as the children arrived and encouraged them to "draw what they noticed."

It was completely a free choice activity, but we were quite surprised with  how many of the children were very interested, often choosing to draw a little bit of each day.

The sketches were all very different as well.  Some chose realistic colors looking carefully at the details and others did not seem all that interested in representing their observations with accurate colors.  Some just seemed to enjoy the act of sitting in the foliage and drawing with their friends.

They were connecting with nature and learning to appreciate our beautiful world.

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